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Express DigiBooks an innovative cross-platform distribution system of digital material that also serves as a learning management program; keeping a record of students' progress within a school. The online platform includes an online environment where users can buy, manage and activate their online digital material as well as many offline applications which are compatible with the most common operating systems, such as Windows 7+, Android 4.0+, MAC OS-X 10.10+ and iOS 8.0+.

In addition to purchasing new e-books, activating digital material and renewing activations of digital material subscriptions, it can also be used to monitor an enrolled student’s progress. This is possible by using the embedded LMS system, which can be accessed by students, their parents and teachers.

Through their personal teacher account, each teacher can monitor the progress of the students who have been designated to his/her virtual classroom by the school. This way, the teacher can have a clear picture of all of his/her virtual classes. Furthermore, the LMS system allows a virtual school director to organise and manage classes, designate students to classes, groups and teachers, and to have access to all students' progress reports.

The online platform allows students to do their assigned tasks at any device, without the need for additional applications and/or storing space. In addition, students can pause tasks they start at school and continue working on them at a later time-at school or at home. To ensure that users will be able to follow their classes regardless of the quality of their Internet connection, Express DigiBooks includes downloadable apps that allow offline access to the digital material via personal devices. These apps are compatible with most popular operating systems, and we are working hard to include more in the future. The application uses a content encryption system which makes the users' personal information secure according to the latest security protocols.

The digital material supported by the Express DigiBooks platform is based on widely used digitisation standards such as EPUB 3 and HTLM5. The aim of Express DigiBooks is to support the educational sector on a multitude of levels. Packed with great content and audiovisual multimedia material, Express DigiBooks provide services that optimize foreign language learning.

About Express Publishing
DigiBooks Library

Express Publishing is a wholly independent publishing house dedicated to producing quality ELT materials. Founded in 1988, the company has enjoyed steady, rapid growth and currently has a list of over 2,000 titles, with sales in over 80 countries worldwide. Uniquely among leading publishers, we view ELT not as one department of a larger concern, but as the single focus of our operations.

Range of Publications

Express Publishing's publications cater for both adult learners and children, at a full range of levels, in US English as well as UK English. Publications for children include specialised courses and other material for very young learners, teenage beginners and so on. Express Publishing's course books are typically complemented by an audio CD for class work, a student's CD for self-access study, a workbook with grammar, a teacher's book and a test booklet. In addition, our list includes: courses and test books for exam preparation and practice; a variety of supplementary material (grammar, skills development, etc); a wide range of readers; CDs, DVDs, videos; and innovative, award-winning multimedia material.

Customer Satisfaction

Express publications are notable for commanding brand loyalty from teachers and educational administrators, whose satisfaction with one or more of our titles lead them to adopt several others from our list. The trust they show in the Express imprint is largely due to the consistent, distinctive nature of our publications, which are all characterised by clear, dependable methodology, systematic integration of tasks, and attractive visual presentation. We were among the first ELT publishers to adopt full colour for all our course books, and this is still our standard practice. Another popular feature of our publications is the fact that they are each accompanied by a comprehensive teacher's guide with step-by-step lesson plans, detailed teaching suggestions and a wealth of additional resources.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Express Publishing is one of the world's leading publishers of ELT materials, with sales in six continents. Our worldwide distribution network utilises the local expertise of well over 100 on-the-spot representatives and experienced ELT consultants. This not only offers customers immediate service and support, but also provides invaluable feedback which increases our awareness of the real needs of learners and teachers in each region. In several countries, Express produces special editions to meet local requirements, and we also work in collaboration with local publishers and local authors to produce customised material for specific purposes.